Use the the right photo equipment for fashion flat lay photography.

StlyeShoots, An all-in-one photo machine for flat photography, designed to boost your content production. iPad operated and automatically removes the background for you.

StyleShoots produces highly detailed product images ready for web and print. Simple to use, an iPad controls the integrated camera and LED backlight. The fancy software with complex algorithms immediately gets to work, giving you fully cutout high-res photos with transparent backgrounds in literally seconds.

When incorporating photographs of products into catalogs or websites, it’s always helpful if those photos have a digitally-transparent background. This means that a computer working with the photo will allow the user to add in whatever background they wish behind the product – or give it no background at all – instead of being stuck with the background against which it was originally shot. In the past, creating such an image has often required graphic artists to manually cut the product out of the shot, using a program such as Photoshop. With the StyleShoots system you are now able to create product shots with transparent backgrounds within seconds, as the photo is being taken.

Fashion is about style, texture and emotions.
You shouldn’t have to worry about ISO, aperture or pixels.

With the push of a button, StyleShoots produces high quality flat lay photography thats ready in just seconds. It can export your photos in various dimensions and file types, such as RAW, Photoshop w/alpha channel mask, transparent png, jpg’s.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can take advantage of the StlyeShoots technology by renting the StyleShoots all-in-one photography suite by the hour. It’s an affordable alternative for photographers and brands to create crisp, high quality professional product photography.

Rental rates start at $300/hr.* Negotiated day rates available. Photographers get 20% off rental.

S1820 - Flat-Lay Photography

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