Post Production & Retouching

Our on-site post-production team ensures image fidelity from capture to final output. Working closely with our photographers and art directors, this group helps carry through a vision for color and attitude. Beyond color accuracy and touch-ups, this team of skilled retouching artists can make sweeping changes to photographs as needed. We produce everything in-house to maintain control from start to finish.


Whether it’s prop styling to depict a lifestyle or soft styling to create a mood, we have an in-house team of stylists for any project. Our experience has given us great perspective in making our clients’ product appear flawless in final images. Stylists are involved in the creative process from Pre-Production through the entire shoot.

Art Direction

Our art directors become fully immersed in our clients’ brands. They are in sync with the subtleties of each brand’s visual guidelines so as to make every image speak to the core of their respective sensibilities. That’s why every step in our creative process is guided by a creative lead who ensures that an original concept and vision is brought to life. Whether we are helping new companies get off the ground with a series of images or collaborating with some of the world’s most established brands, our art directors shape the look and feel of your specific project.


S4610 specializes in Fashion and Apparel photography. Our photographers have 
a keen eye for both product and lifestyle image-making. Our all-digital workflow provides quick proofing for those clients working with us remotely.

Are you a professional Photographer, Art Director, Stylist, or Set Designer that would like to be apart of our Pro referral community?

We have our own in-house team but sometimes photographers need additional talent, warm bodies to help out with their shoots, creatively or physically. If you’re a creative professional and interested in becoming part of our referral network please send us an email